Think Eco Reusable Bulk Food Bag – Medium



Ditch the plastic and feel fantastic!
Proudly handmade in New Zealand.
Think Eco Reusable produce and bulk food bags are handmade from unbleached calico. These bags are great for your baking needs and more, flour lentils, beans, rice, baking powder and so much more!
A complete system which will work in with your current reusable bags, or on their own. Our unique design clips together easily to keep your bags together, so they are always ready for you to shop.
Comes in a pack of two.
Each medium bulk food bag measures 30cm by 32cm.
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Fruit and vegetables in the supermarket are also often sprayed so we recommend when you get home that you take your items out of your reusable bags and store them in the fridge as you normally would.
Hand Washing Instructions;
We recommend a gentle hand wash and line dry.