Our Values

Think Eco was conceived over a coffee to realise a dream of setting up an e-commerce business that helps towards protecting our country and planet by encouraging people to use eco-friendly products.

Within that, our heart and passion is to support businesses and organisations such as Trade Aid & Women in Business who support third world countries and communities giving them better opportunities to market their products, so that they can support and provide for their families.

As Kiwis, we are very passionate about protecting our environment from harm. As a country we invest immensely in protecting our forests, sea and land and all animals and creatures that live within, continuing to provide a healthy living whereby our future generations can continue to enjoy our beautiful planet.


Our Products

We continue to search and find a new range of products that comes with good stories from people and communities who makes these products, and with your help how this supports them financially.

Our planet is in trouble and we need to act now in every way possible. It goes without saying that we only stock cruelty-free brands, Palm Oil Free products, and everything we sell is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrance.

We also make the commitment that every parcel that leaves our warehouse will be packed with eco-friendly packaging.

We’re dedicated to bringing you more wonderful waste-free products!