5 Small Tips on How to Make your Kitchen Eco-Friendlier

Wanting to kick start your eco-friendly journey but are struggling to make your kitchen greener? Even the smallest change in the kitchen can do the planet a favour. Check out these five small tips to kick start your eco-friendly kitchen.

Ditch the Plastic

Did you know that 2 million metres of cling film was saved by people switching to Lily Bee Reusable Food Wraps? By switching out plastic cling film to reusable Lily Bees wraps, you can avoid unnecessary plastic wastage sitting in our landfills. Reusable fruit and vegetable bags are also an essential staple for reducing plastic wastage. Our bags come in 3 different sizes and are made from unbleached calico.


Only run your dishwasher when it’s full

By only using your dishwasher when its full you can save around $50 on your bills annually and prevent roughly around 45kg of carbon pollution.


Go all-natural with your cleaning products

Using all-natural cleaning products can help the environment, as well as your circulatory system. Many non-natural cleaning products contain chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin and potentially impact your bodily functions. Try an all-natural cleaning product such as oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is biodegradable and is excellent for all-purpose cleaning. Made from 100% Sodium Percarbonate, Oxygen Bleach leaves no harmful by-products or residues.


Electrical Optimisation

Optimising the usage of electricity in your kitchen can reduce the number of greenhouse gases pumped into the air drastically. Try switching off all appliances straight after use, as well as switching all the light bulbs in your kitchen to LED bulbs. LED light bulbs only use a fraction of energy than traditional light bulbs use, as well as saving you money at the same time.


Choose cloth’s that are better for the environment

Choose more biodegradable choices when it comes to paper towels & dishcloths. By switching out dishcloths and paper towels for biodegradable or bamboo ones, it will not only save you money but also decrease the wastage that gets produced in your kitchen. Try our dishcloths that are biodegradable and can also be machine washed.